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If you come to visit Chiang Mai maybe because of work, getting your time off or a vacation we are here to help you. Our package can take you around Chiang Mai visit the best place with the best view in the best price you can’t find it anywhere else. Doi Suthep, Sticky Waterfalls you name it. Tell us and we’ll take you there.



          Why Wat Umong ? A lot of you may have this question. Among the hundreds of Buddhist temples in Chiang Mai, the Wat Umong or “Tunnel temple” is unique because of its location in the forest and its system of tunnels. The serene and peaceful atmosphere at the 13th century forest temple near Doi Suthep mountain provides a welcome change from the much visited sites in Chiang Mai. Our First stop will be here. Enjoy the peaceful temple by walking around in a peaceful mind. There is a tunnel that also built in 13th century for monk to meditate. The tunnels were lined with brick walls, plastered and Buddhist murals were painted. Shrines with images of the Buddha were added, giving the monk a new place to meditate in peace and quiet.

The temple was abandoned during the 15th century. Only in 1948 the temple was restored and one year later reopened as a center for meditation and Buddhist teachings. Today the Wat Umong is an active temple with resident monks. The ancient tunnels have been restored. Unfortunately, most of the murals have disappeared.

We will be stopping here for 40 minutes. You can go take some pictures, enjoy feeding the fish (you can buy a bucket of fish food and feed them), exploring to tunnels and more. After you done with everything we will be head to our next place Wat pha lat just 5 minutes away from Wat umong.

and then we go to


     After a beautiful winding drive up a mountain, you divert to a small side road and the site appears out of nowhere, with two white statues welcoming visitors to the entrance of the temple grounds. Stairs wind around the temple, beginning at the viharn and pagodas in the uppermost area and leading down to another complex of buildings that blend seamlessly with the nature around them.

While the area is landscaped, the natural beauty still shines amidst the lush forest grounds. Further in, a waterfall trickles down a sheet of rock where the trees open up for a beautiful view of the city. To the right lies a number of caves that contain ancient cloaked statues and various artifacts. Wat Pha Lat, which translates to “Monastery at the Sloping Rock”, is serene and mostly unvisited, as it is typically overshadowed by the ever-popular Wat Doi Suthep.

Again, we will be stopping here for 40 minutes for you to walk around and take some photos. We recommend you to sit back and relax, listen to the wind, look at the tree and try move around slowly. This will make you calm and maybe you will see things in a different way. Now it’s the time for us to go to another place, the place that most of the people who’ve came to Chiang Mai already been there once and you should not miss it.

last, The most visited place of Chiang mai



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Our customer just call and told us they want to go to Doi Suthep ! We sent our red car to pick them up at their place right away.

Our beloved singapore customer comes in family. We find the best car and also explain all about the tour trip while going up Doi Suthep


Doi Suthep 1 Day Trip

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Sticky Waterfalls

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Explore Chiang Mai holidays and discover the best time and...